The Process

It’s one thing to have a plan. It’s another thing knowing HOW to implement the plan. King Solomon reminds us,

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand.” (Proverbs 19:21)

As leaders we often create a plan for our people, we have them follow the plan, and then we become frustrated when they don’t grow the way we like. Often we think our only hope is to either find new people or ditch the plan; when the problem is our approach to the plan. The 4th Level structured organic approach realizes all people are “in process.”

Just Like Riding a Bike

Think back to when you learned how to ride a bike. Our guess is that you learned in stages.

Stage 1: A loved one told you about the concept of what to do to ride the bike. You thought you knew exactly what to do, so you immediately tried to apply it. And what happened? My guess is you fell and scraped your knee.

Stage 2: At that point, you were more willing to listen to what your loved one had to say. Afterward, you probably wobbled a bit before learning how to jump off the ramps and do tricks.

Stage 3: And now you are showing your loved ones how to ride their bikes.

It is the exact same process everyone goes through when it comes to learning, living, and multiplying as disciplemakers or leaders. What we need is to realize this learning process and help every leader at every level lead in light of this process.

how we learn

Experts say it takes 7 times to hear a concept before we internalize it. To develop mature leaders we must take this into account. And we must realize that people go through 3 phases of learning:

1. Catechizing

Learn facts about a concept—like how to ride a bike.

2. Counseling

Apply what you learn and ask questions when you fail.

3. Coaching

You are able to teach others what you have learned until we reach the 4th Level.

Thus we have developed our disciplemaking movement towards maturity with this learning in mind. We have taken the 3 phases and relabeled them as follows:

1. GATHER as Family

People learn a concept in community with others.

2. GROW as Servants

People learn how to live out that concept in their life.

3. GO as Missionaries

People learn how to help others live out this concept so they can begin to teach others.

We want every single Christian to grow into maturity. But that means we have to be realistic about what the growth process really looks like. We have to rethink our process of teaching, training, and equipping so that each person truly grows into all that God wants them to be.

The Path

Churches are better equipped if they know the process and where people are at in their growth. 4th Level's Maturity Movement is a simple grid to help maturing disicples continue down the "path" of maturity while taking on greater roles within the church, blessing members and leaders along the way.

Keeping Score

The best leaders keep score. The only way you know you're making progress is if you gauge where you are at with where you've been. But all too often in churches we measure the wrong things. We need to measure what Jesus measured. To do that, we need a new scorecard. This scorecard allows us to see the progress our people are making and where we need to continue to develop them so that they too can become multiplying leaders until the 4th Level.

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