The Maturity Grid

Gauging Our Growth

What does growth and maturity even look like? How do we know if we've made progress? Our Maturity Grid is here to help! Based upon 12 marks which expand to 36 submarks, our grid seek to provide leaders with the kind of clarity needed to know the goaline for growth.

This grid gives each leader a picture of what Biblical maturity should look like in their lives and the lives of those they seek to develop into greater leaders to the 4th Level.

Based upon Jesus' call to make disciples, we've identified 4 pillars that each disciple should exhibit: gospel love, gospel life, gospel embrace, and gospel planting.

From here, we have identified 3 marks under each pillar, and 3 submarks under each mark to help us understand truly what maturity looks like in life.

That's a total of 36 submarks of maturity.

So whether you want to zoom out to the pillar level or zoom into the submark level, you're able to capture the exact spot someone is on the growth spectrum.

The Maturity Grid

This simple to use grid lays out 36 submarks of maturity in an organized and yet organic way for you to quickly and accurately assess areas of growth for your life and the life of those you lead. This accessible and easy to use grid allows you to start where you want. Simply identify the submark you want to grow in and get started. There is no need to follow any organized flow. That's why we call it organic!

How to use the Grid

Step 1: Pray and choose 1-2 marks from the 12 marks (and 36 sub-marks) where you would like to grow. Use the personal evaluation in order to help you determine where to start.

Step 2: Talk with another Christian, ask them to meet with you, and review the lessons corresponding to these marks.

Step 3: Review For Further Study page to decide on resources which will help you grow in these areas.

Step 4: Set a few goals to decide how you would like to grow in these areas and set a timeline for growth.

Step 5: Remember, timelines fall short of God’s work, but they do remind us to focus on the homework.

Step 6: Repeat the process with other marks (and sub-marks) in other areas you would like to grow in.

Step 7: Begin to help others walk through steps 1-6, teaching them all of the lessons you have learned.

Step 8: Challenge those you are walking through step 7 with to identify another person they can teach as well, until we reach the 4th Level.

Do An Evaluation

Want to know where to start or go next? Simply fill out this evaluation to determine which level you are at in each of the 36 submarks and begin working through the marks you score lower on. This quick evaluation can be done for each person or used for an entire group giving you direction for your next steps towards reaching the 4th Level.

Additional Resources