Our Future

Seeking to serve you

ready to use resources

These downloadable resources are available free to use:

Marks of Maturity (in development)

  • Lessons for adults to use one-on-one, in small groups, discipleship groups, etc. (download lessons)

  • Lessons for youth ministries (TBD)

  • Lessons for children's ministries (TBD)

  • Lessons for families to use at home (TBD)

Gospel in 3D (in development)

  • 5-10 minute videos to help Christians apply truth to life

Booklets (TBD)

  • Short booklets helping you to understand how to create a discipleship culture within your church or organization.

Personal Consultation

We provide the following by appointment only:

Ongoing Monthly Coaching

  • Coaching to help leaders shift to intentional ministry

Weekend Workshops

  • Training leaders to move toward intentional ministry

  • Typically 1 or 2 training session(s), 3 hours each

Strategy Intensives

  • 1-2 day intensives for the top level church leaders

  • strategize how to shift towards intentional ministry

further equipping

As we grow, we hope to provide the following:

Internship (2021 & beyond)

  • Summer internship for those in Bible College or Seminary preparing for full-time church ministry

  • 3-year church planting intern or pastoral training for those able to go into full-time ministry sooner. Typically men who have completed Bible College or Seminary.

For more information, please fill out our contact form.